The GTM Supercar Build Log

Clutch Lines and Slave, Coolant Hosing Clamps, Serpentine, Rambling

Tonight the clutch line was plumbed/finished and attached to the clutch slave. I need to get some nuts to mount the slave to the trans still.

The coolant hosing is now all secured. I replaced the last corrugated hose clamps with the heavy-duty ones I am using and doubled up the extra clamps around the hardlines.

The serpentine belt now fits perfectly. It did not fit previously due to the ‘wrong’ balancer I had on.

Some random issues that need to be resolved:
– Figuring out how to connect the fuel rail to the fuel filter output is still in the works, but Josh and I have a plan.
– I need to figure out a better way to protect a segment of the main wiring loom from header heat (it sits about 1-1.5″ away). The portion of the heatshield I made out of 2″ loom touched the headers there so I removed that portion.
– The rear window aluminum piece will interfere with the intake manifold…probably going to have to cut a pocket out for it.

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