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Transmission Mount and Passenger Axle

Tonight was just not fun. Not fun at all. Before doing anything, I verified that Brandwood provided the wrong attachment for the cable shifter. I have no way of connecting the main gate cable to the trans shift rod, as they drilled the hole for it wrong in the connector they sent me. This isn’t a huge deal – just a simple screw on part that will take 2 seconds to replace…once a new one arrives.

It took way too long to get the transmission mount/rear frame member in place and bolted, and then once I finally got the transmission into it the FFR provided holes in the mounting bracket did not even line up. Nice! I egged out the holes and managed to get the bolt through, though. For future reference, it is much easier to get the trans mounted by putting the bracket back in first, then trying to get the trans lined up in the bracket.

With the trans in place I tackled the passenger axle. This axle was a real pain. It’s a tight fit to get it in, and then it was even tougher to line up the bolts + cv spacers + axle mount holes. Tonight was extremely frustrating to say the least. I am glad, however, that the trans and axles are in, and a clearance issue I had with the starter last night was fixed by getting the trans mounted properly in the rear frame/trans mount.

Next up on the list is some wiring protection (need to protect the wire looms by the headers from the heat) and hose organization, then I will start securing tunnel panels and get the passenger fuel tank hooked up. I also need more heavy duty hose clamps for the water pump connections.

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  1. lazaro85 Says:

    what kind of transmission is that? i seen it in another chasis build and am curious to what it is and what it is being used with

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