The GTM Supercar Build Log

Accessory Switch Wiring and Fuel Filter Install

No balancer bolts from ATI yet. Shocker!

Tonight I installed the new fuel filter onto the passenger side engine cover next to the fuse box and connected up the appropriate fuel lines to it. Afterwards I attached the fuel vapor filter setup I am going to be using to the driver fuel tank. This is not mentioned in the GTM build manual, but it will help to prevent excessive fuel vapor from stinking up the car. Once the passenger tank is in I just have to run the line over to the vent hose on the top of the tank.

With the fuel stuff done I finally finished up the wiring for the fog lights and flashers switches. A ground screw was drilled into the tunnel frame and I split the ‘instrument panel lighting’ wire from the Painless harness so I could run a length of it to each switch. The switches were then connected as necessary so that they fire their respective relays when pressed. I finished up by looming the wiring a bit and did some looming on the engine harness as well.

The cam harness extension I ordered from Casper’s Electronics will not work for me – they say the plug is correct, but it is obviously not as the cam sensor on the LS2 is keyed and the plug they use has no slot for a key. I will be making my own extension harness and returning this one.

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