The GTM Supercar Build Log

Clutch Switch Bracket, Fuel Tank Harness, Footbox Cover Prep

Today I riveted my clutch switch bracket I made into place Рworks pretty well. I just used a piece of scrap aluminum that was laying around and cut it to shape and painted it. 

After I finished the clutch switch I moved on to the fuel tank harness. I realized last ¬†night that the harness needs to be reworked to lengthen the ‘passenger tank’ sensor so that it can reach its appropriate plug on the driver’s side of the car. Stripping off the ancient electrical tape was a blast. Afterwards I just added a few feet of wire to the passenger tank plug, doubled over excess wire to ‘shorten’ the driver’s fuel tank (now in the passenger side of the car), and loomed it all up. With it all ready to go I placed the harness into the car so it just needs to be plugged in. I also connected the engine harness grounds to the engine with some newly acquired bolts.

The footbox and console cover aluminum panels were klecko’d in place and the frame was drilled out so these can be installed later.

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