The GTM Supercar Build Log

Brake Disassembly and Suspension Prep

Today I tackled the suspension pieces and donor C5 brake disassembly. I used the Dremel on the suspension arms to buff out any corrosion and asphalt bits and then sprayed them with some Rustoleum metal primer. Tomorrow I will prime the other sides.

Brake disassembly was a pain at first until I remembered my friend – Gunk Liquid Wrench. Front and rear brakes are completely disassembled, minus removing the knuckles from the wheel hubs. I will have to run out and get some bigger star sockets to tackle those. After disassembly I sprayed the caliper carriers glossy black with some high-temp Rustoleum. Once I get the knuckles off I will buff them with the Dremel and prep them for paint.

Last night I painted the front calipers and they look great. The Duplicolor red is a shade darker than the ‘Z06 red’, but you can’t really tell without having them side by side.

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