The GTM Supercar Build Log

Wiring Progress – Computer Harness Mount and Turn-Signal Harness Completed

Made good progress on the wiring today. Before tackling the turn-signal harness completion and beginning cleanup I prepped the computer harness bracket for mounting. The bosses on the bottom of the harness bracket have to be cut off so they sit flush with the frame mounting surface, and the tach module has to be mounted to the bottom of the bracket piece. There was only one way to fit my module onto the bottom of the bracket, but the spot required was right in a corner on the top of the bracket. To remedy this I got out the Dremel and cut out a nice rounded area for the bolt+washer to fit into. After this was done I put the bracket back together and attached it to the frame.

Last night Josh and I decided that it would be cleaner to use some wiring terminals to organize the hot, keyed-hot, and ground wires. Tonight, we mounted the terminals. The hot terminal uses the #959 red/black ‘hot’ wire for its power source. The keyed-hot terminal uses the #933 orange ignition wire for its source.  This is not necessary, but as you can see in the pic, it makes things alot more organized. All the relays run to the hot terminal, as do the W and X pins on the turn-signal  harness.  After mounting the terminals we finished up the remaining wiring on the harness – the horn-relay ground wire and harness ground wire. Once I test this final configuration out I will get a wiring diagram typed up.

After the above was completed I then cleaned up the wiring a bit. The turn-signal harness was temporarily zip-tied to the frame and slack wire was pulled through to where it needs to go. Some excessively long wires that run from the fuse box to the harness were cut and crimped. Some more cleanup remains, but things look a ton better than before!

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