The GTM Supercar Build Log


It felt nice to get back into things today. Wiring tasks worked on today:

– Drive-by-wire harness created: the donor pallet from FParts cut the drive-by-wire line so that I only had the plugs and a short bit of wiring attached. New wires were ran, spliced together with plugs, and inserted into a wire loom.

– Ignition: wired. Pretty simple and straight forward.

– Turn-signal stalk progress: figured out the relays, installed their grounds, and mock-spliced together the necessary connections. I need some proper fitting shrink wrap for the connections before I can complete them. I am still working on deciphering the W, X, and Z pins. I know what they need, just need to decide what wires to use.

– Brake Switch installed: installed the brake switch and mock-wired it.

– Misc: started the wiring of the central plug in the underhood fusebox (UHFB) – need a bigger connector for the 3-wire splice required.

Once the turn-signal stalk is finally wired I will post a detailed description of all the wiring done.

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