The GTM Supercar Build Log

And it begins…

In the quest for more power and more speed, in a more exotic package, I have decided to take a big leap in building my own supercar. The Factory Five GTM Supercar is a work of art, and brings along extraordinary performance with its aggressive styling.

This log will detail everything involved with the build process – from start to finish. I do not have a timeline for this project, but reaching go-kart stage by spring is the primary goal. Spring here can be read as ‘May or June’.

3 Responses to “And it begins…”

  1. Mike Baskin Says:

    Great Site so far. This looks to potentially be one of the more interesting build sites so far. Love the graphis, and the way you’ve set it up for Categories, and search.

    Great Job!

    Mike Baskin

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks Mike. I am hoping that having everything categorized will make things alot easier for future builders to quickly see what I did, and what they should or shouldn’t do for each step in the build process.

  3. Ealing Says:

    Congratulations on starting the build! Your site looks great and love all of the pictures showing everything from the parts to prep. Keep up the great work!

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