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Carbon Fiber Rocker Extensions

Installed the carbon fiber rocker extensions to complete version 2 of the Stealth GTM. ┬áThese are a straight-forward install – nothing worth noting really. I thought it would be tough getting into the car with these sticking out, but it doesn’t change the degree of entry/exit difficulty at all. Greatest benefit of these extensions, other than appearance, is that they will keep debris from hitting the side of the car.

2 Responses to “Carbon Fiber Rocker Extensions”

  1. rev2xs Says:

    Hi Spytech,

    Have these Rocker extensions effected ground clearance much?

  2. admin Says:

    Not really – the only time I have to be careful is when taking an angled approach up a driveway or ramp, etc, but still plenty of clearance to clear most things.

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