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Back on the Road!

The weather finally turned spring-like and I was able to get the GTM out for its first drive of 2011. Started right up and ran great. Haven’t really done any of the ‘winter’ mods I wanted to do as I recently moved so all that got pushed back for a while, but I should be starting on that stuff soon! Stay tuned.

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  1. automan4u2 Says:

    Hi, I am thinking about building a GTM in the near future but I have a few questions.
    1. I am a technician at a dealership and I know alot about cars, but I am not sure if I can build a complete car, is it like putting a huge “lego” set together? do you have to have any special skills such as welding or anything?
    2. approx. how much does it cost for the complete build?
    Just curious, I am trying to figure out if I can build one.

  2. admin Says:

    It’s not quite as easy as building a lego set. The GTM is probably one of the more difficult kit car builds you can take on due to the ‘completeness’, and certain fit and finish issues with the parts FFR gives you. I only needed a few brackets and other parts fabbed up at certain points in the build, and fortunately I have a friend that does metal fab work, other than that no need for welding or fab skills. Be prepared to be extremely patient, and to spend a few thousand hours researching and scouring the forums for help when you get stuck repeatedly. Prior to my build I had fair experience in working on cars (suspension and brake work, supercharger install, etc), but nothing extraordinary.

    Cost is going to be anywhere from 40k to whatever your pocketbook allows. If you do all of the body work yourself, find a good donor and resell the stuff you don’t need, use a basic power-train setup, 40-50kish is a good estimate.

  3. rev2xs Says:

    Hey Spytech,

    I was wondering, you have the stock koni shocks installed correct? Did you set up your suspension and wheel alignment as per the build guide? Or did you use other suggestions that can be found on the ffcars forum?

    Thanks, Tom

  4. admin Says:

    Correct. suspension and alignment is per FFR’s specs. Still adjusting ride height, though, as I absent-mindedly forgot to check the height once the body was mounted, so it’s been way low the entire time I’ve been driving it. Moved height up to 4″ all around the other day and it made an immense difference. Going to get it to proper specs (4.25f, 4.75r) this weekend and see how that feels…

  5. rev2xs Says:

    Hi Spytech, me again. Dang it, i forgot where i asked about stability on your site as my PC crashed and i lost the page. So i figured i’d ask again, sorry about that by the way. How did you find high stability both pre-proper ride height and post adjustment? Thats what i’m most worried about as my painting is getting done…

  6. admin Says:

    Well prior to raising the ride height driving the GTM was always a ‘two handed’ ordeal at speeds of 50mph+. I always had to be focused and alert. Hitting slight dips in pavement and bumps were always tense and ‘eventful’. With the ride height at 4.25 at all 4 corners right now the car is much smoother, I can drive one handed at highway speeds without a second thought, and most bumps are simply background noise. It feels like a completely different car. Much more comfortable and much less demanding.

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