The GTM Supercar Build Log

Vehicle Documents Storage, some Tuning

When I sat in the GTM to take it for its first public road test I realized I needed a place to store registration and insurance papers. I just stuffed them in my pocket then, but today I came up with a quick solution. I used a plastic document sleeve, and adhesive backed velcro tape. Now I have a little storage sleeve that velcros behind the passenger dash pod that is within easy reach and can just be ‘ripped’ out, should the need arise.

I also ran the GTM at idle for a half hour to build a desired idle airflow histogram. These values that were produced were then plugged into the RAF  table (base running airflow). The more precise these values are, the smoother the engine will slip into idle. Hopefully this will fix any stalling issues. Until now I just guessed at what the RAF values should be. I was close, but ended up 2 grams/sec too high on the warm temp idle airflow values, so hopefully this will help things quite a bit. I will test soon.

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