The GTM Supercar Build Log

More Driving, Speedo Calibrated

Today I put the stock FFR supplied air filter on, cleaned up some wire loom that had melted from the heat yesterday, and then installed a modified tune. This latest tune is quite a bit better than my previous tune I used yesterday. I then took the GTM out for a few loops around the block to get it warmed up. I then got a little braver and drove 4-5 miles on some side roads by my house – this thing handles incredibly well. It will take some time to get used to the braking – you really have to get on the brakes for them to clamp down, but once they grab…they grab. The tiny turn radius still blows me away.

I shut the GTM down for a half-hour or so, as it had been running quite a while by this point. When I went to restart it didn’t want to drop into idle and kept stalling. Similar to yesterday’s warm start problems with the hot intake.  I got the car started with some throttle work and backed the car out again and ran the previous back-road loop, stopped once for a stop sign, came back home and pulled it back in without any problems. Seems it’s just the start when the temps are warm that gives it trouble.

A little bit later I took out another vehicle and mapped a 2 mile length of road. I’m glad I live in a neighborhood with some good low-traffic roads to do this testing and calibrating on. Calibration is very easy, however. I started the GTM up (still finicky being warm) while holding the speedo trip/reset button until the needle swept to its max, let go, pulled out of the driveway, hit the trip button to start the calibration (the needle drops to half and a tire revolution counter appears on the speedo), and then hit the road. When I hit the 2 mile ‘marker’ I mentally logged I stopped and hit the trip/reset button again. Calibration complete. Much relief ensued after seeing the speedo work properly, matching the computer readout on my laptop perfectly.

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