The GTM Supercar Build Log

Driver Seat Installed

What an absolute nightmare! If anything could go wrong, it did while trying to get this seat installed. As planned, I installed the FFR seat tracks to the seat using David Borden’s seat track mounts, as they are supposed to allow for the installation of the tracks without lifting the seat off the floor at all. However, once I got the tracks on and mounts installed, I set the seat in the car and realized there was no way for the lever to function to adjust the seat position (push down to release the track). I lifted the seats as high as they can go on the track mounts (David made them slotted out), and was able to get enough clearance, but this lifted the seat around 1.5″ and I didn’t like that. THEN while trying to adjust the seat the lever broke off the seat track. Quality welding by the manufacturer! At this point I threw my hands up and took the tracks and mounts off and threw them to the side.

I returned the next day to simply bolt the seat to the floor like I did with the passenger seat. Should have been easy enough since I already did it once before. Wrong. I don’t know what was up with with the fiberglass on the driver seat, but I had 4 rivnuts COME OUT of the seat while bolting it down. Once the rivnut slipped out the hole was way too large to place another rivnut. Long story short, I drilled at least 8 holes into the seat and floor of the car while crossing my fingers that the rivnuts would hold. Hours later, the seat was ¬†installed and harnesses clipped in. Excess holes were siliconed over.

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