The GTM Supercar Build Log

Gauge Face Wiring, Speedo and Tach, Other Misc Wiring, Driver Dash Pod Re-glued

Over the last couple days I have taken care of a handful of small tasks.

The driver dash pod vinyl had to be re-glued after pulling it back to trim the fiber glass back. Got that taken care of. The pod is ready for reinstall once I get the wiring straightened out for the dash.

Organized and loomed up the reverse/backup switch wiring and license plate LED light wiring. I used standard 14-16ga bullet connectors for the reverse switch, but I used a small screwdriver to widen out the sides of the connector so it created a snug fit with the Porsche reverse switch. Tested the reverse lights and backup camera auto-activation – good to go.

Soldered the turn signals and high-beam LED indicators on the gauge face. All the gauge face wiring runs through a pair of weatherpack connectors now for easy plug-n-play. I wired the speedo and tach up as well. The speedo and tach are a bit trickier as you need to use a resistor for each. In a nutshell, you need to place a 1/4 or 1/2watt resistor on the +12v power wire that the tach and speedo use. After the resistor the 12v wire Y’s off – one wire goes to the gauge, the other goes to the computer. With the gauge face all wired up I plugged in the weatherpacks and gave the gauge face a quick test. Looks like everything is a go. I need one more weatherpack connector pin for one of the connectors – after that is in I can install the dash pod. I will also be installing a trans oil cooler LED that will illuminate when the oil cooler is on, so I extended the wires for that so they are easy to solder to the LED when that arrives. Picked up a few switches for interior lighting and front-camera/video activation (so no need to pull the e-brake to allow for video viewing). These will probably go in the driver dash pod on the left side.

I also trimmed the hood release mounting plate so it looked cleaner than just a big clunky square.

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