The GTM Supercar Build Log

Center Console and Passenger Dash Installed

With the radio installed, shift box re-welded into place, wiring organized, and console trim plate prepped, I felt it was finally time to get the center console and passenger dash in.

First thing I had to do was rivet the passenger dash pod to the center console. It was previously held in place with clecko pins. With the passenger pod joined to the console, I then attached the trim plate to the console.  Before getting started on installing the console/dash I vacuumed out the passenger footbox, cleaned the aluminum panels that will be underneath the dash, and secured the wiper closeout box in place.

Everything cleaned up, I set the console into place and set to attaching the air ducts to the dash vents. Two above the radio, one on the passenger pod, and two defrost ducts. I found the trick to doing the dash vents is to pull off the foam that is glued around the outer edge of the vent that you have to push the duct hose over, and cut a line down the middle of the duct hose through 2-3 wire rings so that it can be pulled over the vent easier. With the hose in place, I pulled on some zip ties to secure it. Defrost ducts are a little easier to attach the hoses to. After attaching all the hosing I connected up the hazard and fog lights switches, plugged in the climate control wire harness, and mounted the ignition switch and window switches. ┬áThe console/dash was then pushed down into place and secured at the base with a single 1/4-20″ screw on each side. Tested all the switches and climate controls with success.

All that is left to do with the interior at this point is mount the driver’s dash pod, interior lighting, mirror (when windshield is in), gauges, and seats.

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