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Drama at Ken’s Autobody

Just when I thought this part of the build couldn’t drag out any longer, it has. Growing a bit impatient, I asked a friend from the FFR forums that has a GTM at Ken’s shop to snap a pic of my car. I got the picture yesterday and my GTM looked exactly how it did when I shipped it out in May – except that it now had a thick layer of dust on it. I was speechless (and irate).

I called Ken up and he told me he was working on my car as we were speaking. It was primed and reassembled, getting ready for paint, etc. Long story short, I brought up the picture and wondered aloud how that was strange since I just got the picture of it with the doors still taped on and boxes sitting in the passenger seat. He said I must have a pic of the wrong car, and I assured him it was the right one. I heard much confusion in Ken’s voice after this and he said he would get me some pics in a few days and have it straightened out.  My theory was that he started on the wrong GTM, thinking it was mine all this time, and it really wasn’t.

I called Ken again today since this was still bothering me a lot and asked for a no bullshit explanation. Basically, my theory was correct. The car got mislabeled by a worker and my car went untouched because of it. Ken was very apologetic, and I can tell he feels like a horses’s ass over it.  He’s busting his ass now to get it done, considering the time it has sat without being touched, but assured me it wouldn’t be a rush job and wouldn’t leave until it was perfect.

There it is…not going to have the GTM ready for spring as planned most likely. Unfortunate, but at least I know it’s FINALLY being worked on.

2 Responses to “Drama at Ken’s Autobody”

  1. spanasyuk Says:

    Wow, suddenly I don’t feel so bad when the pizza place forgot to make my pizza today…

    How many GTMs does he have there now? Are you getting a timeline?

  2. admin Says:

    At least 3 are there including mine. Original timeline was 2-3 months, probably not working full time (ie: 8 hrs/day). The project estimate was for around 150-160 hours of work (20 8hr days tops). Ken is obviously under a little pressure to produce within his proper timeline considering this mess up. When I talk to him next I can get a better estimate.

    Sorry about your pizza, lol.

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