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Dash Completed

I really, really hate rivnuts. Tonight I drilled the dash face, and the driver’s dash pod in order to mount the face to the pod. The pod needs 4 rivnuts to be installed so the face can be screwed down. This should be easy enough…except that the Marson rivnut tool stripped the mandrel used for the 10-32 rivnuts needed on the very first rivnut I tried to put in. It took forever to get the wrecked mandrel out of the rivnut (and out of the dash pod without wrecking it), and then I had to use a die on the mandrel so I could coax the rivnuts on it again. After a few hours of frustration I managed to get all of the rivnuts set and the face screwed down.  I think it turned out great!

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  1. rKennedy Says:

    I’ve been following your build, and so far you’ve made this look easy. Now that’s the thing, are you a mechanic? Rather, how much experience do you have in this field? The reason I ask is because I was interested in eventually building one of these cars, and I’m just trying to get a feel for how difficult this build really is.
    OH by the way, I vote for keeping the racing slick tires on…

    Thanks for your time,

  2. admin Says:

    Hey Robby-

    If I give the impression that I am a mechanic then I will take that as a compliment! I have done a lot of ‘bolt-on’ work on my cars in the past – such as installing a supercharger, intakes, exhausts, coil-over kits, sway bars, brakes, body kits, etc, but nothing as massive as building a car. I figured if I could do all of the above why not take a crack at putting it all together and actually build a car.

    The build has not been hard. It has been a test of my patience, and a test of my problem-solving skills. I am not a welder, and not a machinist, but luckily I have friends that are so when I have come to points where I needed custom brackets, etc, they were always there to help. If you have had any sort of background with working on cars, can be patient, think about problems presented, and use a variety of hand tools you should be fine! You’ll learn a ton, and you’ll realize exactly how much you DON’T know about things automotive. For instance, I never wired a thing in my life until I started this build and I did the entire task myself – and so far it has all worked 🙂

    As for tires, I will be using these: 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. amireles Says:


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