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RaceLogic Traction Control Installed

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

I’ve been meaning to get this post up for a while now, but better late than never!

Last month I finished the installation of the RaceLogic traction control system. I can say this system is pretty amazing now that I’ve put a few hundred miles on it and have played with it a bit. The RL system monitors all four wheel speeds and when it detects slip, misfires the engine using preset cut patterns. The cuts are so seamless I rarely notice the RL system stepping in – it just feels like the car has tons more gripping power.  I have not messed with the launch control system yet, but plan to play with it more over the summer.  The system allows you to dial in 0 to 25% of allowed slip. 0% being ‘wet mode’ which allows zero slip, and only 5% in a straight line.  The system is very customizable once you hook a laptop up to it, allowing you to change fuel cut patterns, straight line slip allowance, etc. I have left everything at their defaults.

On to the installation:

The first task was getting to the injector wires in the engine harness. Not the most glorious task, but not real difficult either. Once the wires were isolated I picked a spot where I wanted to mount the RL logic box. I choose above the left side of the engine bay – seemed to be the best spot for it. The harness RL provides to the injectors is very short, so I had them ship me a much longer harness so I did not have to do a bunch of wire extensions to get the logic box injector wires to the injector wires in the harness.

Once I had the harness, weatherpack connectors were used to connect the RL injector signal wires to the ECU/fuel injector signal wires. This allows me to return the car ‘to stock’ in case the logic box fails for some reason (which would prevent the car from starting).  The RL logic box acts as a go-between between the ECU and injectors. ECU runs to the RL logic box, RL logic box outputs to the injectors.

With the harness done, some  additional logic box and digital controller wiring had to be done. A wire taps into your RPM signal (I used the wire coming from the ECU, in the tunnel), and you have to route a +12v switched power source to the digital controller and logic box. The logic box connects to the digital controller via a serial cable. I opted to put the digital controller just ahead of the engine cover/water fall below the shifter.

The last task was to connect the 4 wheel speed sensors (I used the already-present ABS sensors in the Corvette hubs, with new GM pigtails) to the harness wheel speed signal wires. Another weatherpack connector was used for this, for simplicity sake.

Everything was finished with any necessary grounds being routed to the chassis. The wheel speed signal wires are shielded so I just grounded the ground wire in each wire bundle to the chassis, along with the signal grounds.

I’ve included the wiring schematic I drew up with the pics below.