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Doors Almost Completed, Nose Bodywork Underway

Friday, December 11th, 2009

The drama at Ken’s is hopefully all in the past now. Ken sent some pics tonight of what has been done since my last post. ┬áThe doors are almost done. One is assembled and mounted, the other needs to be mounted yet. The door and door-glass fitment is one of the toughest parts of the build on the body-work side of things, so I’m glad to see this is almost done with. The work on the nose has been started and Ken said the work on the top of the nose starts Monday. It’s nice to see pics to see that the GTM still exists ­čÖé

Drama at Ken’s Autobody

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Just when I thought this part of the build couldn’t drag out any longer, it has. Growing a bit impatient, I asked a friend from the FFR forums that has a GTM at Ken’s shop to snap a pic of my car. I got the picture yesterday and my GTM looked exactly how it did when I shipped it out in May – except that it now had a thick layer of dust on it. I was speechless (and irate).

I called Ken up and he told me he was working on my car as we were speaking. It was primed and reassembled, getting ready for paint, etc. Long story short, I brought up the picture and wondered aloud how that was strange since I just got the picture of it with the doors still taped on and boxes sitting in the passenger seat. He said I must have a pic of the wrong car, and I assured him it was the right one. I heard much confusion in Ken’s voice after this and he said he would get me some pics in a few days and have it straightened out. ┬áMy theory was that he started on the wrong GTM, thinking it was mine all this time, and it really wasn’t.

I called Ken again today since this was still bothering me a lot and asked for a no bullshit explanation. Basically, my theory was correct. The car got mislabeled by a worker and my car went untouched because of it. Ken was very apologetic, and I can tell he feels like a horses’s ass over it. ┬áHe’s busting his ass now to get it done, considering the time it has sat without being touched, but assured me it wouldn’t be a rush job and wouldn’t leave until it was perfect.

There it is…not going to have the GTM ready for spring as planned most likely. Unfortunate, but at least I know it’s FINALLY being worked on.