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5 Weeks Left!

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Talked to Ken today and he guesstimates 5 weeks left before the body work is done. Goes for priming next week and he said he would send some pics along then once that is done. After that is done the body gets painted, then reassembled, glass installed, etc. I am starting to get excited!

In other news, the wheels arrived from iForged and they look great. I have been doing miscellaneous prep work, like installing the air ducts into the dash pieces,  prepping the wiper motor, and sending the rest of the visible aluminum pieces off for powdercoating.

Bodyshop Update

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Talked to Ken ( this afternoon. Body is fit, doors are assembled, and he was working on fitting the doors when I called. The car will go to body-work shortly, which Ken says takes about 10 days, after which he will then prime and paint it. All in all, it sounds like things are getting close!

I am hoping to see the car in October sometime. Not expecting to drive it (legally) before winter, but I am looking forward to having all winter to put in the finishing touches and get everything ‘perfected’.