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O2 Sensors, Battery Stuff, Rear Window Prep

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

Tonight I installed the O2 sensors into the headers (the short O2 sensors are used pre-cat). When the cats are installed the rear O2 sensor ports will be plugged.

I then moved onto the battery. The tie-down is pretty straight forward to install – 2 J-hooks holding the tie-down clamp piece in place. I then drilled out a hole in the passenger side steering rack mount to connect the battery ground strap to. The powdercoat was Dremel’d off for an optimal connection.

Finally, I put the bulb seal on the rear window. This was harder than the other stuff done tonight.

Front Footbox Finish Panels, Clutch Switch Bracket, Wiring, Miscellany

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

Tonight I was all over just tidying up random things. I organized and zip tied the coolant hoses in the tunnel, connected the fuel pump harness ground to the chassis, extended the wiper harness wiring, ran the main battery cable from front to rear, worked on a clutch switch bracket, put protective edging on the AC duct cutouts in the footbox cover panel, and then mocked up the cover panels for frame drilling.

Battery platform

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

Tonight I mounted the battery platform to the frame. Since I am using AC the platform had to be mounted on the driver’s side, offset from the “X” in the frame, with the left side of the platform centered in the middle of the X. The space for the battery is pretty tight with the frame on one side and the steering rack on the other.