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Clutch Line

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Plumbed and set the clutch line in place. Once the transmission is installed the final bit of line will be ran to the slave to finish things off.

Brake Lines Completed

Saturday, December 13th, 2008

Tonight Josh came over and tackled the brake lines. He did an incredible job and created some really nice lines. Since the ss braided lines I use are the same size as the brake lines Josh did a bubble flare to mate the lines properly without using the metric adapter Factory Five supplies. The brackets that are mounted to the rear upper control arms for the front brake lines are very short and require a very tight (too tight) bend to get them to work. As a result, I will be using longer bolts for the rear upper control arms and will mount the brackets with additional lock nuts to the longer bolts after securing the control arms with the supplied nuts. This allows a nicer bend in the line when meeting the bracket. The rear brake line was routed down the driver side of the tunnel, then T’d off at the corner of the frame and ran across and up to the passenger rear brake.

While Josh was running the brake lines I took on the ambitious task of installing the bulb seal on the front wheel wells. You might notice I removed the AC blower motor. More on that next week!