The GTM Supercar Build Log

Oil Pump Mounted, AC Belt, Sound Dampening, Cable Shift Attachment Fail #2, Wiring Organization, Fuel Tank Cover Rivnuts

Over last night and tonight I painted and then mounted the oil pump mount Josh made, and then mounted the pump to it. Turned out very nice.

Last night I installed the lower rivnuts that the fuel tank covers use. During this process I realized why I have had so much trouble with tightening these things – the rivnuts Factory Five provides are too large! Their ‘clamp width’ is 0.25″, when it needs to be 0.027″ to 0.165″. The Marson rivnut tool came with a packet of these and they work MUCH better.

The new AC belt came today. I had previously picked up a LS2 belt (since I have a LS2 motor), but it was too short. Since I am using a LS1 compressor I decided to try the LS1/6 belt – success!

I also added sound dampening to the tunnel underbody aluminum, as well as the footbox cover piece.

The new shifter cable attachment that connects the shift cables to the transmission shift rod came today to replace the wrong one I received with the kit. This shifter attachment is also wrong, awesome! I don’t think this is Carquip’s fault, but Brandwood’s (the maker of the cable shift system). Regardless, this is very annoying. The latest attachment only lets me install the cables so I can shift 1-2, nothing else. At this point I might just modify the first one I received, as that one should work – it just needs a new hole drilled into it.

Lastly, I connected the footbox wiring to the frame with some of the padded hose clamps (just flattened them in a vise and then drilled them into the frame to support the wires. I also loomed the windshield wiper harness and attached the wiper harness to the frame.

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