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Carpeting, Suede, Footbox Aluminum, Clutch Pedal Reinstall

Tonight was productive. I started out by installing the front footbox aluminum panel into place. Afterwards I moved on to tackling the thing I probably have been dreading more than anything this entire build – the driver’s side suede installation. I wanted to do the suede now so I could then in-turn install the footbox carpeting, which would then allow me to install the clutch pedal (otherwise it would just get in the way of the carpet install).

The suede is just one big piece and it is a pain to work with. My main advice is to just be patient with the process. I had to place, lineup, mark, remove, and cut frequently before I was satisfied with how the suede fit. Once I had it taped in place and cut to allow the fabric to be pushed flat without bubbling or wrinkling I got to work. I started gluing in the footbox, working from the floor up, and then outwards down the tunnel. The driver’s side is a pain due to the concave aluminum panels, so I glued the concave portion first then smoothed outwards towards the top and bottom, avoiding any wrinkling and extending my cut lines as necessary. Once everything was glued I trimmed the excess at the top and glued it to the frame.

With the suede in place I them moved on to the footbox carpeting. This was a pain due to the pedals being in the way, and having to fit, mark, and cut constantly, but patience prevailed. After the carpeting was done I reinstalled the clutch pedal. As you can see, the modified pedal allows for more foot space and freedom between the pedals.

After doing all this I realized I forgot to open up the duct outlet for the heater/ac. I slit the fabric above the vent and trimmed it a bit, then rolled it back down the edges of the Dynaliner to the mesh so it looks nice and clean.

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