The GTM Supercar Build Log

Starter Bushing Install

So I installed the starter the other night. Before installing I noticed there was a bushing already in the bell housing for the starter, so I assumed CarQuip had put a new on in there to save me the trouble. I emailed them and they said it was left in there during the rebuild and I should replace it if it wasn’t too much trouble.

I wasn’t sure how to get that bushing out so I came up with the idea of using a tap to thread into the bushing, then yank it out. This worked wonderfully! To get the new greased-up bushing in I took a long machine bolt and threaded a nut over the end and slid the bushing up to the nut. This allowed me to reach into the housing and slide the bushing in partially – I then used some light taps from a hammer to seat the bushing all the way. Starter was then slid back in and bolted up.

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