The GTM Supercar Build Log

Starter Installation and Wiring, Wiring Heat Protection, Water Pump Connections

Tonight I installed the starter and wired it up. To get the wires to reach the starter I had to reroute the engine harness under the passenger header and then extend the purple wire that attaches to the small post of the starter. I undid some of the engine harness loom/taping and redid it so there is less stretch on some of the connectors and ground around the starter wiring.

After the starter install I took some 2″ wire loom and wrapped it with the adhesive-backed Thermotec heat shield. I then slid this ‘cover’ over the main bundle of wire loom running close to the header on the passenger side.

Finally, I connected the other outlet on the water pump with the heavy-duty clamps. I just need a few more clamps to finish swapping out the screw-style clamps.

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