The GTM Supercar Build Log

Closing in on First Drive – the To Do List

With the first startup and hopefully go-kart drive approaching, I have compiled a list of things that need to be done before that exciting day. It’s quite a list, but mostly lots of little things that will get checked off quickly. Hopefully first start within a week or two!

– Fuel Lines – fuel rail crossover + fuel filter output to rail
– Install 45-degree fittings into water pump and reinstall water pump
– Install balancer (currently being honed, should arrive Friday)
– Install Passenger fuel tank and connect its lines
– Connect coolant hoses
– Install clutch, flywheel, and transmission
– Install axles
– Route clutch line to slave
– Connect cable shift to trans
– Mount transmission oil cooler and pump and connect to trans
– Install VSS
– Run serp and accessory belts
– Paint and Reinstall modified clutch pedal
– Bleed brakes and clutch
– Oil for engine and trans
– Fill coolant system
– Charge AC

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