The GTM Supercar Build Log

Throttle Body and MAF, Driver’s Tunnel Dynalined, Sound Dampening, Oil Pump Harness

Tonight I started out by installing the 92mm throttle body. I am still missing a bolt to ‘complete’ the install, but the 4 in there now hold it in place fine. I then connected the MAF to the TB and air filter to the MAF using FFR’s supplied tubing and clamps. With these in place I connected the appropriate sensors from the engine harness.

With the intake stuff done, I applied the Dynaliner to the driver’s tunnel. This went by pretty quick. Afterwards I put some Dynamat down on the front footbox aluminum panel.

With sound dampening done for now I ran a wiring harness for the Triton transmission oil pump and VSS wiring. I had to extend the yellow and purple wires from the engine harness plugs to run to where the VSS will be located. For the oil pump I used the leftover yellow B+ wire that would normally be used for wiring the VSS/speedo as per FFR’s guidelines, but since I did not follow their instructions I had this wire left over in the harness. The oil pump requires an inline fuse so I just used the leftover inline fuse that was cut out of the Vintage Air’s wiring. 

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