The GTM Supercar Build Log

Headers Installed, Valve Covers Swapped, Wiring

Today I got the headers in (I hate anti-seize lubricant, this stuff gets over everything) with some excessive swearing. The passenger side is incredibly tight due to the header pipes being ‘further out’. It looks like Kooks tried to clear the AC Compressor hosing, but they were still too close to the FFR provided hardlines (rubbing). Anyways, to get the headers in on the passenger side I had to remove the valve cover to get some room to work with, which wasn’t a big deal in itself. Since I had to remove the passenger valve cover I pulled the driver’s side off as well since I had to swap them side-to-side for easier access to the oil fill. With the valve covers back on I buttoned up the headers. Good to go there.

More wiring. Not much left, so tonight I connected the ESS and VSS wiring which will eventually run to the gauges up front. Minus some grounds, oil pump, and starter, that completes the wiring in the back of the car, so I cleaned up the wiring some more, and loomed the rest that needed it. 

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