The GTM Supercar Build Log

Blower Motor and Fog Lights Wiring

The engine will be a while still so I am slowly ticking off the few things left that I can do before it arrives. Tonight I wired up the fog lights relay and instrument dash lighting wire, cleaned up the wiring a bit, and installed the blower motor into the passenger footbox.

The fog light relay is straight forward, and is wired like the other relays. I did not have a bottom plug for my relay so I just did a quick mock install to ensure I have the wiring right. Once I pick up a plug it will only take a few minutes to do up the final wiring.  The console switches (fog lights and flashers) require an input from the instrument dash wire. This wire comes in the Painless harness and is not attached to anything. I spliced mine into the parking light wire (after it exits the relay) so that the switches will only glow when the lights are on.

The AC blower motor did not take long to install (5 screws) once I trimmed away some Dynaliner that was preventing it from fitting flush with the frame member it attaches to. 

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