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Door Sills

‘Matted and ‘Lined the door sill aluminum this week. I’ve also figured out some wiring I wasn’t sure about (fuel tank harness, ac pressure sensor), so that will be easy once that time comes. It’s time to kill some time until the engine gets here, which probably won’t be until mid-February. I still have some prep work to do  (assembling axles and fuel tanks), and some front-end wiring left (fog lights and flasher/fog switches).

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  1. sasha Says:

    Hey, just keeping an eye on your progress, it looks great!

    Question: What was the order for the dynamat? You used 1/4″ dynamat and then 1/2″ dynaliner on top?

  2. admin Says:

    The dynamat isn’t ‘sized’ like the dynaliner is – it is 0.067″. I used 1/2″ dynaliner on the floor panels and 1/4″ everywhere else. 1/8″ dynaliner will be used in the doors.

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