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More Ride Height Adjustments

I recently ordered a Koni spanner wrench in hopes that I could get the rear coilovers adjusted further to increase the rear ride height. ¬†Despite the coilovers being Konis, the spanner didn’t fit ‘as is’ so I had to modify it quite a bit to make it suitable. ¬†With the spanner usable I was able, with the use of a lot of elbow grease and a strap wrench, to get the coils dialed up a handful of turns, raising the ride height 1/2″ further. After settling the front height is now at 4 3/8″ and the rear is at 4 5/8″.

Driving feel is much improved; it’s amazing how much of a difference 1/2″ can make. I would say the improvement with this adjustment is as great as when I adjusted the height earlier this year. Handling and stability is excellent and the car doesn’t react to the road surface nearly as much.

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  1. ddebono Says:

    I’m still 8 months from getting the GTM kit. Is it your recommendation that people set up the Konis so the ride height is 4 3/8″ and 4 5/8″ as part of the build?

    My second dumb question is: How are you measuring ride height?

    I do live in the Twin Cities area. I’d love to see your car some time.



  2. admin Says:

    I can’t recommend a ride height as of yet, as I am waiting to get a modified shock mount bracket for the rear shocks so I can get the ride height to 5″ and see what feels best. Right now the 4 3/8″ front and 4 5/8″ rear is great. Ride height is measured by measuring ground to bottom of the frame member immediately behind the front wheels, and immediately in front of the rear wheels.

    If you want to check out the car sometime, send me an email –

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