The GTM Supercar Build Log

FFR Rear Shock Mount “Recall” Install, Ride Height Tweaks

I recently got around to working on the rear suspension a bit – this included tweaking the ride height further, and installing FFR’s rear shock mount support braces to prevent cracking issues some had with the shock mount brackets.

Ride height is now set at 4.5″ on the drivers side, a hair under that on the pass side. I want to get both sides to 4.75 or 5″, but the pass side coilover is at its max adjustment (spring needs to be compressed to get more turns out of the spring perch collar). As a result I will probably be upgrading the rear springs to 800# springs to get a few more turns out of the pass side. The same coilover ‘height’ with the stiffer springs should allow the rear to sit a bit higher…we’ll see.

The FFR shock mount brace is a straightforward install. Unbolt the shock, unbolt the rear shock mount bolt, slip on the brace, rebolt it up.

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