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Fog Lights Upgraded

Today I installed the new fog lights I had purchased for the GTM over the winter. I’ve been dying to swap out the generic fog lights that FFR supplies with these new Hella Optilux 2500 lights. These lights are way brighter than the stock lights, and have sharp looking halo LED lighting accents. I’ve never felt that comfortable with the GTM’s lighting on prior twilight drives, but these new fogs make all the difference.

Since the lights use separate wiring for the LED halos and the 55w halogen bulbs I decided to hook up the halo rings to the parking lights, and the fog lamp switch remains dedicated to the main bulbs. The bracket that comes with the lights is a ‘hanging design’ bracket, so I had Josh modify them so they could be surface mounted in the fog light recesses. A carriage bolt was inserted into the bracket to bolt it in place using the previous fog light holes. I’m really pleased with the look of these lights.

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  1. ddebono Says:

    This comment doesn’t have anything to do with fog lights. I note that your plates are for Minnesota (I have a home in Maple Grove) and I am wondering what kind of hoops you had to jump through to get the car registered with MNDot and what kind of issues did you run into for insurance?

    I am at least 2 years from starting on a project like this, but I am very intrigued by this design.



  2. admin Says:

    Registration was pretty painless for me, fortunately. I hit the local DMV, which provided me all the paperwork I needed. Had to provide receipts for engine, trans, and frame/kit for them to calculate sales tax owed. They then gave me plates on the spot once the paperwork was done, and sales tax paid. I then had to schedule an inspection with the St Paul Inspection center, which took all of 5 minutes. All they checked was to make sure the frame serial matched the serial on the manuf. cert. of origin. Title arrived a few weeks after that.

    For insurance I use Midwest Classic Insurance, Inc. My policy is a declared value policy (I just told them how much the GTM was worth and that’s what they insure it for), with a 6000 mile yearly limit. VERY reasonable pricing. Cheaper than any of my other vehicles actually.

  3. vd2021 Says:

    Cool. I’ll have to put those on my list. Did you do anything to ensure that moister doesn’t get in? That is the only negative I’ve read about with these. I was thinking of maye adding some silicone to the mated surfaces.


  4. admin Says:

    No I didn’t do anything – kind of forgot, though I had planned on doing something. Next time I get bored I will put some sealant around the glass/metal seam. I don’t plan on getting them wet any time soon, though.

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