The GTM Supercar Build Log

First Drive!

Finally, after all this time I was able to get the finished GTM on the road for a bit and have a bit of fun.

I got the diffuser mounted again and took the GTM out for the first drive today. I live on a dead end road that has several large cul de sacs 1/4mile down at the dead end so I made 4-5 runs from my driveway to the cul de sacs and back. First impression is GO-KART. I feel like I am driving a large go-kart, plain and simple. The handling feels great, the turning radius is TINY (awesome), and with the 408 it has gobs of go. I really like the feel of the manual steering rack. The G50-52 gearbox is super smooth. I only got on the throttle a little bit a few times and I can tell this car is going to be scary fast. I was concerned with how hard it would be to drive with the limited sightline over the hood, but once you are on the road it all feels ‘right’. The rear view mirror is probably going to be deep-sixed – it blocks too much of the view, imo. My in-dash display can utilize the backup camera as a full time rear view, and it works amazingly well. The rear view mirror lets you see the engine and a few clouds…bout it. I think I will look for a smal led dome light solution I can mount there instead since the wiring is already present.

After my last run around the block I let it idle for a while and then when I went to make another run it started stalling and being hard to start. I pulled it back into the garage and noticed the silicone elbows on my CAI had, from the heat, warmed up quite a bit and sagged onto the exhaust. The elbows are high temperature silicone so they didn’t melt through, but the intake tubing was very, very hot to to the touch. I am guessing that the air just got too hot to keep the car running smoothly as the car had been sitting at 195degrees’ish for 10 minutes at least before it started acting up. I will have to fab up a heat shield to fix that, until then I will throw on the stock FFR air filter. The tuning needs a bit of driveability work on the low end I think, but then again it just might be the large cam that is making the car surge at really low rpms (like when doing a U-turn in the cul de sac).

The feeling of ‘completion’ is immense, though, and makes all of the battles and frustrations worth it over the entire build. I will play with the car some more going around the block with the stock air filter to see if the ‘warmed-up’ drivability issues repeat themselves. I didn’t get any pics or vid today – much too excited for that, but next time I will get something to post up!

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