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Diffuser Almost Complete, Tuning Fun

I finally received the 3/16″ black rivets I needed to mount the louvers onto the diffuser this week. ¬†Mounting the louver assembly is a straight-forward task. With the louvers in place I hammered (with a rubber mallet) the strakes onto the louvers and got them into place. With the strakes drilled and riveted I was ready to mount the diffuser on the car.

Since I had previously prepped the body for the diffuser install it didn’t take long to bolt it up. The only thing I have to do yet is jack up the car and rivet the underside of the diffuser to the frame of the car. That will not take long at all. The diffuser really completes the back end of the car and shows you how low the vehicle really sits.

In other news, I am still working on the tuning side of things. ¬†I know I could pay a pro and have it done today, but I’m trying to learn how the computer works and if I can get it close on my own I will be happy! A week ago the car would not start with the 96mm tb, and it would not idle with it. I could only run it with my foot on the throttle (then it would die). Now I can start it and it will idle for 5-10 seconds before dying, and I can start it and coax it to idle indefinitely by bringing the RPMs down to idle manually then letting off. Rapid throttle fluctuations are the target of my tuning focus right now, as a hard rev in neutral (ie: 4000rpm+) will cause the car to stall when the RPMs try to come down to idle (overshoots the idle and dies).

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  1. me2 Says:

    I’ve been following your website for a few months now. I want to thank you for keeping up with the photos and the postings – I’m certain they’ll come in handy over then next few months – I take delivery of a gen2 GTM kit in mid-August. I think I’ll be as happy for you when you finally get out on the road as you will!

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks for the support, I appreciate it :) Good luck with your build!

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