The GTM Supercar Build Log

Fog Lights Installed, Side Duct Louvers and Rear Mesh

I’ve delayed the fog lights installation until now because I simply did not know what to do with the lights provided by Factory Five. They have a funky bracket on the top, and do not have a rear post that mounts through a hole in the fog light recess as shown in the build manual. FFR advised me to ‘just flip the bracket back and attach through that’, however the bracket is positioned so that it is impossible to center the light, plus it would stick out way too far. No thanks.

As a solution I did the following:
1. Remove the brackets, silicone the holes left from the bracket screws.
2. Remove the wire grommet
3. Drill a 3/8″ hole next to the wire grommet hole, recess the edges a bit with a dremel tool, and push the grommet/wires through that new hole.
4. Push a long bolt w/ washer (I used a 1/4-20)  through the former wire grommet hole and secure it on the back of the housing with a jam nut. The hole is centered perfectly so this bolt acts as a post to mount the light through the recess with.
5. Drill a 1/4″ hole centered in the fog light recess. Drill a smaller hole next to it for the wires.
6. Run the wires through, push the fog light into the recess, secure with a lock nut and washer.

Having to prep the lights is a pain, but it works. After the lights were installed I attached and loomed their wiring up.

After all that, I took the clamps off the side louvers since the adhesive has cured – solid as a rock and they look great. Silicone’d the rear mesh pieces into place.

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