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Six-point Harnesses and Seat belts

This was a fun project.  With the harness bar in place I needed to come up with a way to install the lap and leg belts. I was going to have Josh make some mounts, but then I decided to give the mounts I use in my Z06 a try. The harness mounts I used in the Z06 are Brey-Krause C5 lap belt mounts. They fit directly over the seat belt dispensers, and alongside the receptacles. I took an hour to pull them out, then set to installing them in the GTM. The driver side belt dispenser mount was used on the passenger side, and passenger side  mount used on the driver side dispenser. They work and fit great in the GTM. The receptacle mounts were swapped as well and moved to the ‘outside’ of the receptacle. I bent the receptacle mounts to fit the angle of the tunnel and then threw in the seats and sat in the car and strapped up to ensure everything works well.  When not in use I can tuck the belts behind the seat and pull out the regular seat belt.

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    [...] implementation and offers minimal protection. Here is how I did my harnesses: __________________ In Progress: GTM #232 w/ Stroked LS2 408 making 624hp/572ft-lb, G50/52 [...]

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