The GTM Supercar Build Log

Passenger Front Wheel Well Close-out Panels, Door Stoppers, Door Wire Loom

Time to close up the passenger front wheel well!  To close the wheel well out 3 panels have to be riveted into place. The first piece seals off the inside footbox at the top, but it does not fit very well (at all). I had to cut quite a bit out of panel to get it to fit.  The second piece is a small box-like piece that fills the gap left by the upper close-out panel and the footbox aluminum. Finally, a third panel goes over the footbox/upper close-out to seal it up completely.

Before doing all this I loomed up the wires going into the door, and installed the door stoppers that prevent the doors from opening too far. After the panels were installed I applied Dynamat and Dynaliner to the interior to deaden any noise.

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