The GTM Supercar Build Log

Steering Completed, AC Started

Steering completed. I had to hit the upper steering shaft with the Dremel for a while to allow the flange bearing to slide down the shaft so I could mount it to the frame. Once that was in place the Corvette steering column had to be modified so that it could be used with the GTM steering shaft. First, the exterior column sleeve had to be cut off to expose the column shaft and the lower sleeve-covered steering shaft that the column shaft was mounted in. After that, the sleeve containing the shaft had to be heated so that the injected plastic inside it melted out and released the shaft. Finally, the shaft could be removed (pounded out) from the steering column shaft so that the column could now be slid into the GTM steering shaft.  With the column now mounted I threw on the wheel and made sure the steering shaft and universal joints could turn freely without any interference or binding. All good! The wheel was then removed since it will just get in the way for a while.

After the steering was completed I did a mock install of the AC evaporator and blower motor. The fit is pretty tight and the mounting bracket is a pain to bolt. Afterwards I marked the attachment points to the frame and took it all apart – I will do the completed install tomorrow. The coolant pipes were also inserted into the console tunnel for future use.

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