The GTM Supercar Build Log

Tail lights Wired and Installed

The tail light install was a bit ‘rougher’ than I expected it to be. The each tail light is held into place with a U-shaped bracket that holds the tail light against the inside of the body. Simple concept, but Factory Five machined the pieces so that when put into place you get NO threads on the bolts coming from the tail lights through the U piece to start screwing on the nuts. With some hand-molding of the pieces I was able to get them bent a bit to get them on and installed.

Wiring is straight forward – white triangles on the white/amber lights is for reverse, orange is for turn signals. The red tail lights get the parking/driving lights and brake lights. The parking lights go on the 5v filament peg (pay attention to the notation on the back of the tail light), the brake lights go on the 21v filament. Easy.

After wiring I loomed them up and adhered the loom out of sight to the rear of the tail using some nice heavy-duty adhesive backed loom clips.

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