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Tires Mounted

UPS dropped off the tires for the GTM today so I got them mounted and ready to go. I opted for BFGoodrich g-Force R1 rubber. 245/40/18 fronts, 335/30/18 rears. The wheels are iForged Senekas paint matched to body color, black lips.

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  1. rev2xs Says:

    Hey Spytech,

    Sorry to bug you again. I was wanting to ask, what size are your rims specifically? For example, rim width and ET or offset as its otherwise known?

    I’m looking to buy some rims over here in Europe but i feel getting the right offset here is going to be near on impossible.

    Thanks, Tom

  2. admin Says:


    Rear 18×13 – 59mm offset – not sure what the backspace is
    Front 18×9.5 – 63.5 offset and 7.25 backspace.

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