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Preparation for Shipping…Body and Underbody, Wiring Secured

Finally…preparing the GTM for its voyage out to Ken ( has begun. Mounted the body back on, tightened up the hatch and hood hardware, secured loose wires in the front and rear, set the hatch and hood in place. Wiring under the engine fuse panel was secured so it will not move around much when the car is driven. The rear two underbody panels were put in place, and the final two skid bars were installed.

Only things remaining are to tape everything up so it doesn’t shift during shipping, and pack up the parts Ken’s shop needs (door hardware, etc).

Took lots of pics tonight.

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  1. GTMV Says:

    Hi, I’ve had this car on my mind every since I saw a ad for it in Motor Trend Dec.08. I am fascinated of all the customized things I could do with it. You seem to be on top of the game here, so I would like to just sit back and watch you then decide if it is worth it… I’m just a Backyard Mechanic, but I think I can pull it off if I am able… It scares me a bit that you keep getting the wrong parts and screws,lines,wires etc… I’m in a place that would be disasterous if I got the wrong part and find out afterwards that it was wrong…Good Luck and I’ll keep watching… A.

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks for following! Unfortunately, getting the wrong stuff on occassion is part of the game. I think if you talk to other builders you will get the same stories. At this point when I order stuff I expect things to be missing or incorrect.

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