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Diffuser Prepped for Louvers

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Today I prepared the diffuser for the installation of the louvers. The louvers will greatly increase airflow through the engine bay, keeping the engine quite a bit cooler. To get the diffuser ready I first had to mount the diffuser on the car, find its center, and mark the inside of the diffuser for the body edge so that the louvers do not overlap the body where the diffuser mounts to. Once that was done I removed the diffuser and set the louver assembly in place. Once I had it where I wanted I drilled out all of the rivet holes, cleckoing it as I went. Holes drilled, the louver assembly was removed and the diffuser was flipped over and the louvers were re-clecko’d on the interior side of the diffuser. I then etched the inboard perimeter of each louver onto the surface of the diffuser to prepare it for cutting. With the perimeter scribed, I cut out the louver holes while leaving the scribe marks intact. This allows for the installation of the louvers on the interior side of the diffuser while keeping the aluminum edges hidden by the diffuser. Once the diffuser was cut I clecko’d the louvers in place and bent the fins up to match the angle on the strakes. The strake ‘ears’ had to be bent to sit flush on the diffuser.

At this point I need to pull the louvers off again and take them for powder coating. Afterwards, I will be able to rivet them in place and mount the diffuser.

Center Console Prep, Front Mesh Silicone’d, Front Camera Installed

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Today I set the console in place to test switch fitment before I have the shift box welded back in tomorrow. After I did that I put the radio in place just to test its clearance when it opens (to make sure it clears the AC controls). When I tried opening the unit I realized I did not have enough clearance cut out for the bottom edge to tilt out without catching the edge of the console cut-out. Pulled back the vinyl, again, and trimmed the top and bottom edges down a bit more, then put the radio in place and tested – good to go now. Just need to re-glue the vinyl and get the radio mounted to the tunnel frame. I also cut out the ignition switch hole in the console trim plate.

Silicone’d the bottom and sides of the front mesh to hold that in place. That should be good to go tomorrow.  With the mesh in place I installed the front camera. I attached the camera to the under-side of the hood mouth using a few left over black duct screws from the AC parts, then routed the cabling through the nose of the hood with some adhesive-backed wire holders. Once I get the car off its jack stands I will fine-tune the  positioning of the camera.

Fog Lights Installed, Side Duct Louvers and Rear Mesh

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

I’ve delayed the fog lights installation until now because I simply did not know what to do with the lights provided by Factory Five. They have a funky bracket on the top, and do not have a rear post that mounts through a hole in the fog light recess as shown in the build manual. FFR advised me to ‘just flip the bracket back and attach through that’, however the bracket is positioned so that it is impossible to center the light, plus it would stick out way too far. No thanks.

As a solution I did the following:
1. Remove the brackets, silicone the holes left from the bracket screws.
2. Remove the wire grommet
3. Drill a 3/8″ hole next to the wire grommet hole, recess the edges a bit with a dremel tool, and push the grommet/wires through that new hole.
4. Push a long bolt w/ washer (I used a 1/4-20)  through the former wire grommet hole and secure it on the back of the housing with a jam nut. The hole is centered perfectly so this bolt acts as a post to mount the light through the recess with.
5. Drill a 1/4″ hole centered in the fog light recess. Drill a smaller hole next to it for the wires.
6. Run the wires through, push the fog light into the recess, secure with a lock nut and washer.

Having to prep the lights is a pain, but it works. After the lights were installed I attached and loomed their wiring up.

After all that, I took the clamps off the side louvers since the adhesive has cured – solid as a rock and they look great. Silicone’d the rear mesh pieces into place.

Side Duct Louvers and Mesh Pics

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

The guy that does the powdercoating for me finished the louvers and some other things today so I went and picked those up and set to installing them. Rear end jacked up, tires removed, louvers fit into place, contact points marked for adhesive, fun times.  Since I had a half container of 3M 8115 Panel Bonding Adhesive left I went and rented the applicator gun from the local auto store and used that to adhere the louvers against the body. 24 hours to cure, so they should be solid as a rock tomorrow afternoon.

The hood mesh looks good so far. Still have to adhere the bottom portion of the ‘mouth’ mesh with silicone.

Some Hood Mesh Inserts Installed, Turn Signals Work!

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

I wasn’t in the mood to do much tonight so I just formed the small mesh pieces for the lower ducts on the hood and siliconed them into place. After that I decided to do the top of the hood mouth mesh as well. When that is dry and secure I will secure the bottom of the mesh.

I also received the replacement turn signal stalk from Fparts today. No burned wires in it – good sign! They forgot to send the mounting bolts along, but I taped it into place and gave it a quick test. Turn signals work! Previously, the right side turn signals would work half the time, and when they did they were often slower than the left side. Now they work perfect, and I’m glad that issue is resolved.

Cold-air Intake Installed, Mesh Painted, Trans Oil Overflow Tank Installed

Monday, June 7th, 2010

I recently revised my CAI design again and moved on to ‘version 3′. This version eliminates the bends as the piping goes towards the side ducts. Instead, I purchased 2 45-degree silicone sleeves and ran straight pipes with the intake filters on them to sit directly behind the side ducts. Very nice clean look. I will install some hangers to help support the ends of the straight pipes as well, and probably fab a heat shield to sit between the exhaust and intake.

Painted the remaining mesh inserts (front/rear small ducts, and hood ‘mouth’) black. They are ready for install.

I noticed when driving the go-kart that the trans was spewing oil from the breather cap on the top of the trans. Not a lot, but enough to make me want to do something about it. The solution is an overflow tank that will catch any leaked oil. The tank has a petcock  that allows me drain the oil when needed.  To complete this setup I need to install a hose attachment in place of the breather cap, and run a short hose to connect the tank to the trans.

Body Ready for Priming

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Ken sent me some updated pics today. The hood is done and ready for paint – the custom fender louvers turned out great. The body (although the pics don’t show the current state), is ready for priming this weekend. Door handles are filled and now have poppers, the custom side ducts are glassed in, etc. Should have more pics after the body is primed.

Body is on!

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Exciting night!  Josh and I removed the body from its 6 month home on the body buck and placed it on the go-kart. I am very pleased with the centering and alignment of the body. There is only one area that needs some modification for fitment and that is the passenger door striker. It will need a 1/2″ spacer, or maybe I will just cut off the striker mount and weld it 1/2″ further ahead. Either way, it looks great.  This is a temporary fitment needed to line up the interior firewall/window behind the seats and get some other interior things in order. The body will be removed again so I can do the rollbar padding, then it will be set back on before being shipped out for body work and final fitment.

Getting in and out of the car is not as hard as I thought it would be. Many GTM builders state it is very hard to get in/out, but I guess being flexible helps. I can just do a one legged squat and sit right in and swing my legs up over the door sill. Getting out is just as easy – no barrel roll needed. :)